1. HMR SEARCH recruits qualified candidates for management positions with Hotels and Resorts in the Continental United States, Alaska and Hawaii. This is an employer paid service and there is no charge to enroll in our confidential database or use the services of our experienced and knowledgeable Executive Recruiters.
  2. How it works: Respond to any job listing on our website by sending an email with your resume attached. Within 24 to 48 hours qualified candidates will receive a reply with our Candidate Profile Form attached. The Candidate Profile Form tells us your preferences (i.e. Geographic, Title, Salary…). We will keep your records in our confidential database and contact you when a position becomes available that matches your preferences and qualifications.
  3. Who may submit a resume: We are currently accepting applications only from candidates with a minimum of two years of recent hotel or resort management experience. The experience can be in any of the following departments; Sales, Accounting/Controllers, Engineering, Food & Beverage, Catering, Rooms Division, General Management, Housekeeping, Human Resources, and various Corporate or Regional positions. For a complete list of positions that we recruit for, Click Here!
  4. No Guarantee: Our goal is to schedule interviews for qualified candidates who meet our Client Employer’s job specifications. We would like to send you on an interview although we can make no guarantees. Please understand that we may not ever send you on an interview because interviews are granted upon employer request only. We have thousands of resumes in our database and we are working on a limited number of assignments at any given time.
  5. We Recommend: Whenever possible you should maintain present employment; continuing your current career path.
  6. Referrals: We appreciate when our candidates help us with referrals. If you know of a hotel/resort employer seeking a General Manager, Executive Committee Member or Department Head please assist them in contacting HMR SEARCH. When colleagues show interest in career opportunities please help them enroll with HMR SEARCH. When contacted regarding an open position, your assistance is greatly appreciated in recommending qualified candidates.
  7. Do not accept a counter offer: HMR SEARCH candidates must agree not to accept a counter offer. Accepting a counter offer is like swallowing a poison pill. If HMR SEARCH sends you on an interview, and you are made an offer, and you accept the offer, you must honor your agreement by starting employment as agreed. When you inform your current employer that you are resigning, your current employer may offer you more money and better incentives (a counter offer) not to resign. Accepting a counter offer with your current employer changes your current work relationship. The relationship with your employer is like a business marriage. When they find out that you have been interviewing, they will never trust you 100% again. If you stay, that business marriage is tarnished and will never be the same. It is best to trust your initial judgment and accept the new offer for the same reasons you decided to interview in the first place.
  8. Communicate with us:
    • Always: Notify HMR SEARCH after every correspondence you have with any employer that we introduced you to, even if it is a year later.
    • Always: notify HMR SEARCH when any information from your file changes. Examples include but are not limited to address changes, telephone number changes, changes in employment.
    • Always: Give our name and telephone number to any prospective employer or candidate.
    • Always: Visit our web site to see if there are any positions that you or a colleague may be interested in and contact us if you know of a candidate.
    • Always: send a list of names and numbers of three professional references and note when and where you worked together. Also send at least one personal reference (not family) and list the relationship (i.e. friend, teacher, neighbor, etc.).
  9. Background checks: By enrolling in the HMR SEARCH Database you give permission for our Client Employer or HMR SEARCH to request a complete background report on you including but not limited to Criminal/Civil/Social Security /Motor Vehicle Registration/Drivers License and a credit report.
  10. Drug test: By enrolling in the HMR SEARCH Database you give permission for Client Employer or HMR SEARCH to request a complete Drug Test on you.

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