Finding a leader that aligns with the purpose, values and mission of your organization is hard. How we at HMR Search deliver is simple - and totally unique - in the search industry: we connect the most purpose-aligned, proven leaders to growing organizations with missions and cultures that matter. HMR Search is the leading executive search and strategy company that purpose-based organizations turn to for finding and hiring deeply aligned, high-performing, exceptional leaders that multiply their teams. We believe that the most transformational, impact-oriented leaders are found through a shared purpose with the hiring organization. Period. 

We believe leaders with purpose outperform those simply chasing status and dollars. Being different, on purpose, matters in a world of conformity. Most fast-growing companies aim to do more than simply increase revenue year after year. Our clients do this through profit. At their core, they aspire to achieve purposeful missions and to enrich stakeholders lives. Led by ambitious, entrepreneurial founders and management teams who break the rules, they are fast, agile, and adaptable. These organizational cultures thrive on helping their customers succeed. They look for proven, purpose-driven leaders who pave a different path to growth and career success--one that rejects the top two typical motivations, status and executive salary--in favor of work that matters. They reject status quo. They push boundaries. They like to win. They are leaders, not executives. 

We are the ones who can find them for you. We are purposeful recruiters. We have intention and purpose behind what we say and do during every conversation with candidates and clients. The HMR Search purpose is to transform how people and organizations connect to work that matters. We support candidates and clients at all levels of leadership in the hospitality industry. We take great pride in a core business built around conscious companies, purpose-driven enterprises, and those organizations that are working towards building a better tomorrow for the employees, customers and stakeholders. 

14b7074Hospitality Recruitment of Talented Individuals

HMR Search was born out of a need to discover and place the most discerning of talent in one of the fastest growing industries of the 21st century - hospitality. Our mission is to distinguish only the best people and prudently place them within stimulating and rewarding roles. 

Over 18 Years of Industry Experience

For over the last 18 years, HMR Search has shaped and cultivated relationships with some of the finest hospitality organizations and have an in-depth knowledge of the hotel industry. We pride ourselves in connecting the right people to fit your venue and to compliment the team already in place. We provide a very personalized, discrete service and have quickly become the go-to people for all recruitment needs due to our responsive, informed, consultative approach. 

Providing the Right Fit for our Candidates and Clients

HMR Search recruits for all levels of employment within the hotel industry but predominantly focus on senior management positions. All of our candidates are unique in their backgrounds, experience and personalities, but all have one thing in common - TALENT. The majority of our candidates are discovered 'in action' by one of HMR Search's experts. However, we welcome resumes from all hotel professionals if you believe that you have what it takes to stand out from the crowd. 

Enhancing your Business

Hiring the right employee enhances your work culture and pays you back a thousand times over in high employee morale, positive, forward thinking, planning, and accomplishing challenging goals.

HMR Search assists you in hiring people with the right "motivational fit" - the degree of alignment between what a person expects or wants from a job, and what the job can actually offer; a primary component in determining whether a person will remain on the job. When your work fits who you are, you stand out as being uniquely capable and uniquely powerful.

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