Why Executive Search?

  • Proprietary network of talent. We have access to some of the best, confidential, unlisted jobs at world-class companies. We believe in open communication, a high level of service, and work closely with you to find a long-term, motivational fit.
  • The recruitment and retention of talented senior executives is acknowledged by leaders the world over as one of their most critical tasks.  The stakes in senior executive recruitment are so high and the consequences of failure so significant that anything less than a fully professional approach is shortsighted.
  • Acting as an impartial broker between the client and the candidate, Hospitality Management Recruiters performs a proactive intermediary role that is essential in communicating, assessing and negotiating with senior executives who are not necessarily active job applicants but rather passive, potentially interested candidates. The delicate handling of relationships during the courtship of recruitment is critical to a successful outcome and is best performed by a consultant who has the trust of both sides and who can help smooth the obstacles that inevitably arise.
  • A third party can help provide communication and resolution during difficult negotiations and can act as a diplomat and problem resolver without the main parties involved becoming negatively influenced by each other’s negotiating stance.
  • Recruiting is both an art and a science. It requires a consistent and thorough process, the employment of tried and tested research methods and an underlying instinct as to when things are going both right and wrong in the search. The ability to assess executive skills, experience and culture is crucial, as are an enthusiastic willingness to represent the client in the market place and find that short list of outstanding candidates, any one of whom could perform an excellent job for the client. 

When working with Hospitality Management Recruiters, you can expect frequent communication and a consistent, transparent  and confidential search process. Below are some questions that are frequently asked in initial discussions with potential clients:

•     How do you actively recruit candidates?

•     How do you keep us up to date on the status of the search?

•     How do you evaluate candidates?

•     Which companies are on your "off limits" list?

•     How long do you estimate the search process will take from start to finish?

•     How do you estimate the candidate's total compensation in terms of salary and bonus?

•     What about your service after completion of the search?


How do you actively recruit candidates?

  • Successfully recruiting qualified candidates takes a combination of good contacts, ingenuity, hard work and salesmanship.
  • An extensive network of personal contacts used as primary sources of referrals for potential candidates.
  • Identification of companies that have comparable and/or relevant characteristics for each search; executives that are in identical or similar positions at those companies are contacted either through existing networks or strategic cold-calls.
  • Identification of potential candidates through their professional network; for example, a senior executive may be known by the Hotel or Resort investors or other hoteliers that have worked with the investors and candidate in the past in a similar property environment.
  • In-action observation.

How do you keep us up to date on the status of the search?

The more involved you are, the more expeditiously the search will proceed. Hospitality Management Recruiters tailors communications with you in whatever format or schedule that works for you and defines a process up front to ensure effective communication throughout. For example, you can be kept up to date via weekly calls, in person meetings or email status reports.

How do you evaluate candidates?

This question could easily take pages and pages to answer, but at its core there are two primary considerations in evaluating candidates: relevant work experience and motivational fit. Hiring for Culture generally means you're looking for people who are like you - or like your brand - or have something in common with your corporate values.  This generally gets a bit fuzzy pretty quickly, and is full of "like us" bias.  Hiring for Motivational Fit involves doing a deep dive of when a candidate has been satisfied and unsatisfied in their career, then you're doing an objective assessment on whether your company, hiring manager and open job can provide the good stuff the candidate finds satisfying without a lot of the bad stuff that doesn't satisfy them. One is cloud level, one is street level.  When in doubt, go for motivational fit.  It's what will deliver true retention over time.

Which companies are on your "off limits" list?

Very few; Hospitality Management Recruiters can recruit virtually anywhere.

How long do you estimate the search process will take from start to finish?

The search process will take approximately 45-50 days, assuming that you are available to respond quickly to information requests, schedule interviews and provide prompt candidate feedback. The goal is to have a signed Offer Letter from your leading candidate within 45-50 days. This is consistent with past experience and is an important point of differentiation between Hospitality Management Recruiters and many other firms.

How do you estimate the candidate's total compensation in terms of salary and bonus?

Compensation is determined by the market, the candidate's experience, revenues of his or her current employer, and the perceived risk/reward tradeoff of the position. For example, if candidates perceive the likelihood of obtaining a bonus to be low, they may ask for a higher base salary.

What about your service after completion of the search?

Hospitality Management Recruiters assist the candidate through the transition process, and will check in with both you and the candidate after he or she has been on board for 30 days, and again after 90 days. Hospitality Management Recruiters will also have a conversation with the candidate before he or she starts the new position to help in planning a successful transition to a new work environment. 

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