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Research & Recruiting

WomanBefore the search begins, we’ll arrange to discuss your specific needs. From there, we draw up a profile of the person you wish to hire. To sharpen our understanding, we’ll ask you questions about the position as well. This allows us to prioritize candidate characteristics and identify particular hotels, resorts & markets from which a person with exceptional talent might be found using what we call our Search Navigator. During the recruiting process, we’ll keep you informed by providing progress reports when qualified candidates surface.
We facilitate interviews, check references, give our input in terms of candidate interest level and suitability, and make recommendations with respect to compensation and relocation issues. In most cases, the first round of referrals and interviews will take approximately two to four weeks.

Generating an Acceptable Offer

Untitled-2Once mutual interest has been established, our capture strategy goes into effect.
What are the candidate’s needs in terms of compensation, perks and relocation assistance? Are there any loose ends that must be addressed? Is the candidate serious about joining your team or is he/she juggling a variety of offers - or proposals to stay with the current employer? As difficult as it is to find the right person, your efforts are wasted if the candidate turns you down or takes another offer. It’s our job to help broker the deal, to ensure who you want is who you get.

Ensuring a Smooth Transition

Untitled-3Now that your employment offer has been accepted, we’ll do whatever is necessary to help the candidate resign from his or her old position, decline a counteroffer attempt, and assist in any way that might be beneficial during the transition to the new position. At HMR Search, we refer only those candidates who are sincerely interested in exploring the opportunity to join your team. In other words, we won’t waste your time by presenting reluctant or counteroffer-prone candidates who might use your employment offer merely as a negotiating tool to leverage an existing position. Only those candidates with realistic expectations and corporate-culture compatibility will be referred.

Experience has been our best teacher

We often hear from potential clients, "We don't pay fees." However, most do pay for advertising.
Consider for a moment that, on average, about 5% of the population are unemployed and reading your ad. Then, there is another 10% who wish for something other than what they have.
Untitled-4Therefore, only 15% of the candidate pool is looking at your ad. Is that good enough for you? Does the caliber of person you need exist within that small percentage?
Our expertise lies in the ability to reach the other 85%. These people are typically content in their current position and are totally unaware of the opportunity you offer.
If the goal is to find the best person, doesn't it make sense to draw from 100% of the talent?

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