A professional recruiter is disinterested in force-fitting a candidate into your operation. They view your executive team as a puzzle—each piece must fit in its place perfectly. A missing piece ruins the picture.

A recruiter begins by developing an initial list of candidates. Each person—perhaps a hundred or more—must be contacted for initial evaluation. They are assessed as to their compatibility with the company's personality and culture. Candidates who get beyond this initial review then undergo further and more intensive scrutiny to eliminate all but those who fit the puzzle perfectly. These are the finalists presented for review by the client.

A good recruiter should have repeat business in mind, and ensure it by presenting only exceptional candidates—individuals who are competent to solve problems and make dynamic contributions. The client's journey to excellence continues only by hiring the exceptional rather than satisfactory.

The recruiting process is not simply digging through file cabinets. It is not getting the word out through some recruiter's network or ad campaign. It is not driving to work with crossed fingers, hoping that someone good will show up today. It is much more proactive, discreet and deliberate than all that. A professional recruiter moves within spheres of influence far more familiar with client needs than any internal recruiter.

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